A Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy


A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S SEX COMEDY is a 1982 sex comedy film written, directed by and starring Woody Allen.

The plot is loosely based on Ingmar Bergman's SMILES OF A SUMMER NIGHT. It was the first of 13 movies that Allen would make starring Mia Farrow. Julie Hagerty, Mary Steenburgen, Tony Roberts and Jose Ferrer co-starred. It also marks the first appearance of Allen as an ensemble performer in his own film, as previously he had either been the lead character or did not appear in his films.

It is the early 1900s. Distinguished philosopher Leopold (Ferrer) and his much younger fiancée, Ariel (Farrow), are going to spend a weekend in the country with Leopold's cousin Adrian (Steenburgen) and her crackpot inventor husband Andrew (Allen). Also on the ...

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