Don't Drink The Water


Aboard a jetliner enroute from Rome to Athens, Newark caterer Walter Hollander (Jackie Gleason), his wife Marion (Estelle Parsons) and daughter Susan (Joan Delaney) are under the impression that Greece is the last stop on their European tour. They don't know that the plane has been hijacked until the pilot announces an unscheduled top at Smetana, Vulgaria, behind the Iron Curtain. The passengers are told that they may leave the plane, provided they stay within the limits of the airport. Marion and Susan drag Walter off to take pictures.

Meanwhile, the U. S. Ambassador to Vulgaria, Magee (Howard St. John) has just been called to Washington, leaving his personable but inept son Axel (Ted Bessell) in charge of the Embassy.

Seen taking pictures in a ...

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