It is the year 2173.


In the laboratory of a top security building complex, Dr. Melik (Mary Gregory) and Dr. Orva (Barteli Robinson) open a sealed capsule revealing the body of a man frozen in a state of suspended animation 200 years before. His name is Miles Monroe (Woody Allen), an erstwhile jazz musician and part owner of a health store in New York’’s Greenwich Village. He was originally admitted to hospital for minor surgery, but, complications having set in, was proposed for the freezing process without ever having regained consciousness. While reviving Miles, the doctors are interrupted by the arrival of security guards, but manage to smuggle him to the seclusion of Dr. Melik’s country house.


It is here that Miles begins to realize what has happened to him. Gone is Greenwich Village and in its place is a highly mechanized metropolis ruled over by the Leader, who is seen solely by brief appearances on the video screens, but who makes his presence felt in the form of continually patrolling security guards. The doctors explain to Miles that what they have done for him is highly illegal. They are part of a growing underground movement determined to overthrow the Leader . Their object is to sabotage the Aires Project, a secret plot to destroy all dissident factions. Since Miles has no citizen’s identity record, he can operate secretly to aid their cause.


Before Miles can put forward his case for flatly refusing this idea, the house is invaded by security police. They overpower the doctors, but Miles manages to escape and darts into the back of a parked van just before it pulls away. Inside the van are a group of Domesticons, ‘robot’ servants, one of which Miles has already seen waiting at table at the doctor’s house. When police stop and search the van, they fail to notice a suitably disguised Miles.


Later, Miles is delivered to Luna’s (Diane Keaton) house. He frantically attempts to mimic the mannerisms of the robot he has previously seen activated. However, Miles’ total incompetence at Luna’s dinner party prompts her to drive him to the Domesticon Service Station to overhaul his circuits and exchange his head for something more aesthetic. In desperation, Miles reveals his true identity, and eludes the guards by jumping into a startled Luna’s car, speeding off with a screaming Luna squirming in the companion seat.


Miles’ only thought, and indeed hope, is to join up with the underground community. He is a hapless fugitive in a completely un-recognizable world, relentlessly pursued by the security forces. Worse, he is saddled with the un-cooperative Luna, whose impression of him as an evil alien is based solely on the newscasts and propaganda. However, it is Miles’ absolute conviction for the cause of self-preserva- tion that finally leads him to assume the mantle of a subversive. He decides for that reason to discover the secret of the Aires Project and overthrow the Leader.


Miles’ adventures are to lead him into conflict with all the mad trappings of the bizarre and futuristic society. He finds enormous vegetation growing on an experimental farm. He is propelled at crazy speed across a lake with the aid of a punctured, over-inflated Hydro Vac Suit. He samples the pleasures of the ‘Orgasmatron’, a sex simulation machine, and while brainwashed, is finalist and the ultimate winner of a beauty contest. Eventually, however, the trail of outrageous events enables him to discover the Leader’s darkly kept secret.